Current Rank Costs/Who to Pay

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Current Rank Costs/Who to Pay Empty Current Rank Costs/Who to Pay

Post  Admin on Sat Dec 15, 2012 7:42 pm

This is the list of ranks and their current prices. The only people that are authorized to take payment for rank are 69 Rox and Seed Bets! Do not give your payment to anyone else!

Recruit -- 100m (NFS) Min Bet: 100k Max Pot: 20m
Corporal -- 200m (NFS) Min Bet: 500k Max Pot: 50m
Sergeant -- 300m (NFS) Min Bet: 1m Max Pot: 150m
Lieutenant -- 500m Min Bet: 2m Max Pot: 300m
Captain -- 1b Min Bet: 3m Max Pot: 500m
General -- 1.5b (NFS) Min Bet: 5m Max Pot: No Limit


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