Do you remember the old days?

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Do you remember the old days? Empty Do you remember the old days?

Post  teat (owner) on Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:49 pm

Warning: If you are 2010+ NewFag...This Thread isnt for you!

Welcome to seed Bets #1 Nostaligia thread to share the OL' Good Memories,Over 23k views and still counting Feel free to share with us your good memories

Do You Really Remember Those Old Days ?

A- InGame:

1- Do you remember when most people where legit " I think less than 10% of players were botters". those days were fun !

2- The days before the Security Stronghold ?

3- Days when people used to say "opening airs,fires etc.."

4- Days when The general store was a major store "really crowded" "I saw rares being sold there"

5- Using Dwarven Stouts to get into the mining guild.

6- When getting 100k was considered to be quite an achievement. "I cried when i got killed with my 22k on "

7- When getting 60 wc, people automatically thought you would become rich because you could cut yews

8- When PHATS were at 10m each and people were like "OMG Thats Extra Expensive!"

9- When I finally saved up enough for a rune platebody but realized (after I bought it) I hadn't done that quest to be able to wear it yet.

10- Time when everyone was really nice without cursing, Begging actually did profit me. I remember people giving me 10k by the time 10k was really something big!

11- luring one of those mages at South Varrock entrance to the other side of the wooden fence to kill players when
they walked by

12- Bots at the falador yews,Bald heads with those olive colour shirts and green pants! Im pretty sure everybody remember those

13- When making BIG MONEY like 100k, You never banked that and always took it everywhere to show-off to people!

14- locking people in the monks of zammy place and telling them to grab the wine

15- I remember when people started "Player made" companies for gathering ores, updating their status on forums and must have requirement to work as their "Slave"

16- Getting those FREGGIN 10 coins to pass through the gate was quit frustrating that i had to kill goblins to pass through the gates, Then I realised i can pass through the western gate next to the time I though I was "Einstein of RS" for discovering this!

17- Remember when I was VERY OFFENDED when people kept on calling me "NOOB" then I started a reporting SPREE on everyone then...But when I knew people dont get banned for calling others Noobs, I kept using it to EVERY SINGLE person i've met afterwards xD

18- varrock SQ when It used to be the place for retired members in f2p worlds, All those Smexy Pures with those tuxedos and flowers in their hands...Others with Abyssal Whips all bragging and showing off to noobs Like me

19- Standing Endless hours next to Taverly's Doors/ Dig Site gate/ Karamja's gates trying to take a peep inside the member's area...and trying to glitch the system somehow to get into those area

20- Creating Dozens of accounts, then finish tutorial island then go to the StrongHold to get the 10k reward....I thought that this was the Ultimatim way to get UB3R RICH!!!

21- making a spare account then drop all the stuff at the witch's house in alkharid "Since no-one ever goes there" and log to your main to get your Full black armour and 50 iron arrows !

22- That 'Gunathur The Brave' dude also in the barbarian village pub and everybody killed him as soon as he spawned as he was considered a 'Boss'.

23- Paying 200 coins to random guy so he can tell me what "Combat Level" and the color of my name was it xD

24- Making a female character then go look for a Boy Friend to give me a full black armour or something then Logging out..."E-Whoring...Like a BAWS"

25- Being scared from the wizards attacking people near varrock so you put running to ON and pray you wont get killed while passing !

26- When you used to take free runes from the mage instructor in lumby and drop then take again.

27- First time getting 100 cow hides and selling them...I flood the trade screen with cow hides Un-noted then the guy tells me to go note them...Im like "Woot iz dis ?"

28- Thinking that "Camo shirt and pants" were member's item!

29- Dancing for Money Pl0x!

30- getting the 30 runes of the tutor then dropping then, talk to tutor for another runes xD, I though I was a Boss for thinking about that

B- Trading,Scamming:

1- Days when there was no GE,people sold ores at Falador west bank, cow hides at alkharid bank

2- People have huge sales behind varrock west bank

3- drop parties everywhere even lumbridge,no party room nor trade limit nor dropped items not revealing "soz that was b4 Free trade and wildy back"

4- Do you remember when the days you got scammed by iron ores instead of coal,or iron scimmy instead of rune one lol

5- when phats were around 100m and it was like expensive xD.

6- Free gem cutting at Lumby Bank for exp

7- Trimming your armour for free!

8- Giving polished buttons instead coins to scam people

9- people scamming and selling shade robes which lots thought it turns you invisible!

10- B-Sale!

11- Black Lobsters 5m each

12- charcoals, 100k ea!

13- Price Check me! Price Check me !!!

14- iron 80 ea, coal 300 ea

15- Oh please, WTF is Notting ???

C- Wildy & PVP:

1- remember, when pvp was hilarious ?

2- Luring noobs into the wildy with 'drop party! Follow to win!' before fail ditch & wall

3- Dropping 200 coins at the end of visible screen waiting for someone to come then "OMG 10m on the ground!!!"

4- I remember my friend asking me to go "Treasure Hunt" at the wildy, I heard people finding a "Rune Scimitar" in the wildy and I was very excited!!!

5- I remember being afraid of wildy when young,I had to pee before going to the wildy cause i get nervous of getting killed and stuff...also the darkness was a bit scary!

6- having long chains of noobs lurking around wildy

7- Fighting with iron because being too afraid to risk my adamant

8- When clans formed at wildy and said "War Us"

9- When the regural food to eat while pking was "Trout,Salon and Pike"!

D- Graphics:

1- Old crappy GFX with no background when at the top floor

2- Old Scimitars

3- Coins in yellow "no white & green"

4- Old running emote

5- Old armours, Old Barrows and all other pre-gfx reworks

6- Old varrock and fally, Especially the ONE BIG Varr Fountain!

7- Old teleport gfx, with purple circle and you shrinking !

E- Website:

1- When Zezima was number 1. "till late 2007 i believe"

2- Being able to multi-log by choosing different Java options. "It's still available but was way easier before"

3- Yogosun & Kingduffy1 were competing for #1 on the highscores

4- High Detail and Low Detail screen. "wow you reminded me with the old fag Website look ! and the skeleton and warrior holding 2 circles telling "high details" and "low details""

5- Old World's list, Struggling and refreshing the webpage every second to enter W1 to buy full rune or something

6- Not being able to enter the forums since it was "P2P" feature, then not being able to login again since you werent old enough then not being able to enter it AGAIN because your CB level wasnt high enough!

F- System:

1- When Zezima was number 1. "till late 2007 i believe"

2- Being able to multi-log by choosing different Java options. "It's still available but was way easier before"

3- When being under CB lvl 60, you were considered a noob.

4- When trading was just one screen.

5- Remember the time before jagex used to block your password in the chat system

6- When any curse word was replaced by "Cabbage"

7- When someone messaged me pretending to be a J-mod saying 'You have been selected to win 200k in this week's random giveaway! We just need you to reply with your password to verify your account.' I thought about it for a little while, then I gave him my password. After that he requested I log out for about 20 minutes while the money was put on my accounts

8- Old Hitting Splats

9- Old HP and Prayer points

10- When the "Please wait - loading" and "Connection lost" were white and in the middle of the screen.

11- Fapping when you get the coin stack of yours into "White" then having no idea how to know exactly how many coins did you have

G- Old Tutorial:

1- Maging a chicken in the tutorial to level up magic

2- The level 132 guy wielding a 2h sword and shield at the same time!

3- Trying to get over level 3 in every skill in the tutorial island!

4- Trying to get yourself killed at the rat pit!

5- Remember crying at the tutorial island cause i couldnt chat with people

6- when people thought vannaka was the strongest person in the game!

H- Old/Removed Random Events:

1- When you had the Evil Chicken random event while afking, People gather next to you waiting for you to die and get your mithril armour or whatever xD

2- Freaking out when npcs like security guard and drunk dwarfs poped out while you had no idea what to do so you ignore them...then they start hitting you!

I- DeviousMUD,RSC,RSB:

1- Old Font in RSB

2- Old crappy chat box

3- Different icons for items

4- Having icons over your head explaining what activity were they doing

5- PVPing anywhere in RuneScape

6- Remember sleeping to regain stamina...No-one liked that but still xD

7- where when you went you went into a fight you had to do 3 hits before you could move out.

[size=18]J- Others, Sound/Music/Video and ScreenShots

1- I remember the first minutes i asked someone to be my friend and he said i should give him all my gp. I gave him all my 30 gp and he then said "haha im not your friend" i was so pissed i called my dad to cuss him out

2- i remember when there were genuine new players to the game who had no fucking clue what they were doing. I would take them to karajum and get them killed by lesser demons for the lulz, hahaha funny times they where. Nowadays all the level 3 noobs all have level 100 botted main.

3- Trading armours

4- Trading CowHides

5- Selling ores

6- Yew Bots!

Ps2: It's okay to have a few Tears when you remember the game of your childhood,you're not the only one in tears

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Do you remember the old days? Empty F2P PK

Post  jvtv on Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:37 pm

I remember when we set up 10 dotted IRL friends @ The greater demons in lvl 46 wildy all mage in f2p.
We let a full rune lvl 90 lure some rune guys into all and we basicly one shotted every full rune guy available Very Happy

God it was funny.


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Do you remember the old days? Empty Re: Do you remember the old days?

Post  jvtv on Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:42 pm

And I also remember a 100x Kalphite Queen run when Dragon chain was THE thing to have. No drops tho Smile


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Do you remember the old days? Empty Re: Do you remember the old days?

Post  teat (owner) on Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:20 pm

runescape was so good when you were shit on it lol

I remember when i made my first pure and i was pking items like robes and leathers and taking screenies of it like it was something worth remembering XD

and when i was the first person out of me and all my irl friends to do heroes quest and i felt like i can accomplished something special haha.

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Do you remember the old days? Empty Re: Do you remember the old days?

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